Piano Playing

I’m a self-taught amateur piano player.

Beethoven: Piano Sonata No. 28 in A major, Op. 101 - 1st Movement

Somewhat lively and with innermost feelings.


Schumann: Träumerei


Joe Hisaishi: Innocent (Castle in the Sky)


Music Compositions

I also enjoy music composition, currently interested in Classical and Romantic style.

Sonata in A minor

My first attempt to compose a single movement sonata. I decided to explore an unusual modulation pattern. The main contrast of this piece is between the tonic minor Theme I and the Neapolitan major Theme II. Theme III acts as a transition that leads to the recapitulation, where Theme II ends up in A major.


Nocturne in C# minor

Nocturne-like piece for piano.


Flute and Piano Duet in D Major

My final project of the Write Like Mozart: An Introduction to Classical Music Composition course on Coursera. Many thanks to Dr. Peter Edwards.